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Winsor & Newton Promarker
  • Winsor & Newton Promarker

    Winsor & Newton ProMarkers are a must-have addition to your marker collection. With two quality nibs, Winsor & Newton ProMarkers make laying down colour a breeze. The fine bullet nib is perfect for adding precise detail to your artwork, and the broad chisel nib is ideal for broader strokes and filling in large areas.


    The alcohol-based translucent ink in Winsor & Newton ProMarkers ensure even colour laydown and outstanding vibrancy.


    Offering an unrivalled colour spectrum of bold vibrant hues to subtle pastel shades, ProMarkers are easily blended to create your perfect colour. The range also includes the ProMarker Blender which can be used to merge colours together and unlocks the exploration of the tonal variations of many of the colours.


    The translucency of the ProMarker makes it ideal for building layers of colour to achieve varying opacity and depth, making it ideal for many applications including design, illustration and comic art.


    Beautifully versatile, Winsor & Newton ProMarkers can be used on a variety of surfaces including ink-resistant surfaces such as glass, plastic, wood and acetate. For best results, use with heavyweight paper with a smooth coated surface.


    Winsor & Newton ProMarkers contain the same alcohol and dye formulation as Winsor & Newton BrushMarkers, allowing mixing between the ranges.