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Tintoretto Magneto Brush Kazan Squirrel Synthetic – Series 1477
  • Tintoretto Magneto Brush Kazan Squirrel Synthetic – Series 1477

    Watercolour professional brushes with neodymium super magnets, perfectly balanced waterproof handle.

    The futuristic MAGNETO brush was born from the study and redesign of traditional Asian brushes for writing and watercolour. Starting from their most successful watercolour brushes, the 1407 series created with the support of master Felice Feltracco and inspired by traditional Chinese brushes for writing and watercolour, which are much appreciated by many masters of the sector, they designed and created the 1477 brush Magneto. While traditional Asian brushes have a cord on the tip of the handle to be hung (while drying or just resting) preserving the shape of the bristles, these innovative brushes are made with a powerful magnet placed on the tip of the handle. They can be attached to any magnetic metal support, but Tintoretto also designed the T-Magneto, a special exhibitor with metal arms on which to hang the 1477 brushes.

    There are many other innovations compared to a traditional Asian brush: instead of the bamboo handle, the brushes have varnished birch wood handles, therefore waterproof and non-slip; the plastic ferrule is replaced by a painted brass ferrule, of Tintoretto’s exclusive design and the bristles are all rigorously 100% synthetic, therefore Cruelty Free in full respect of the animal world and perfect for professional watercolour.

    Round brush, Kazan squirrel synthetic fibre. Transparent plastic ferrule. Short wooden tumbled handle, waterproof.


      PriceFrom $49.00