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Reeves Soft Pastel Sets
  • Reeves Soft Pastel Sets

    Reeves Soft Pastels are square shaped, which provides you endless mark making possibilities! Use the pastel on its side to lay down large areas of colour quickly, the ends of the pastels can be used for bold lines and the square corners are perfect for adding detail to your drawing.

    Reeves Soft Pastels are made with high quality pigments held together by a binder, which gives them excellent lightfastness and colour depth. Use your Reeves Soft Pastels on textured paper or card to showcase their strong vibrant colours.

    Extremely soft and easy to apply, Reeves Soft Pastels don't need to be mixed with water and are ideal for dry use. Easily portable, these pastels are a must have for hobbyists, students, crafters and artists.

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