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Pilot progrex begreen
  • Pilot progrex begreen

    This Pilot BegreeN Progrex Mechanical Pencil offers a very comfortable experience thanks to the long rubber grip. This grip also ensures that you have great control over whatever you are working on. This pencil has a sliding sleeve which will retract the tip all the way inside the barrel so it is protected during transportation.

    • This pencil fits fine, 0.5 mm leads.
    • The long rubber grip ensures both comfort and accuracy.
    • It features a built-in eraser and refillable leads.
    • The sliding sleeve retracts fully into the body so the lead and mechanism are protected.
    • It has a handy pocket clip which lets you take it on the go.
    • All Pilot Begreen range is made from a minimum of 70% recycled materials reclaimed from manufacturing.