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Mont Marte Eraser Pencils

Mont Marte Eraser Pencils

Add depth to your drawings with our Signature Eraser Pencils 2pc. Featuring a 4mm white eraser strip inside the pencil body there's an eraser at one end and a Taklon brush at the other! These handy-dandy pencils are great for precise erasing and adding highlights to your work. Once you've erased the desired area use the brush for a quick and clean tidy up.

  • 7mm wood pencil body, 4mm white eraser strip

  • 1.6cm Taklon flat brush for quick and clean tidy up

  • Great for precise erasing and creating highlights

  • Standard pencil body size so you can sharpen with a regular sharpener

  • Ideal for use with graphite and charcoal pencils

  • Gentle on paper to help keep your artwork intact

  • Leaves fewer filaments behind than a regular eraser