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Liquitex Basics Fluid Acrylic Series 1    118ml

Liquitex Basics Fluid Acrylic Series 1 118ml

Liquitex Basics Fluid Acrylic Paints are a versatile essential for artists seeking unrivalled fluidity and exceptional performance. This low-viscosity paint opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing you to pour, cover large areas, create fine detail work, and so much more.

Formulated with Liquitex's innovative technology, Basics Fluid Acrylic Paints offer a smoother, more fluid extension of their renowned Basics Acrylic colour range. This means you can rely on this everyday paint to deliver reliable results with extra flow, enabling you to effortlessly explore a wide range of techniques.

Whether you're working on fine detail projects, covering expansive canvases, or experimenting with pouring, splattering, and stippling techniques, this paint rises to every challenge. Its flowing consistency ensures seamless brushwork for high-definition edges, allowing you to achieve the smoothest fine detail work imaginable.

When it comes to coverage, Liquitex Basics Fluid Acrylics excel. With their quick-drying formula and exceptional blendability, these paints effortlessly brush out for rapid coverage of large surfaces. They also offer a wide range of application possibilities—blend and print with ease, flick, stipple, dry-brush, or splatter for captivating textures and effects.

Not limited to traditional painting techniques, Liquitex Basics Fluid Acrylics can be mixed with mediums, enabling you to explore airbrushing, glazing, staining, and more. Their unique consistency, resembling a blend of ink and soft body paint, moves swiftly and smoothly, without any drag, allowing your creative visions to flow effortlessly onto the canvas.

Filled with high-quality, fine art pigments, Liquitex Basics Fluid Acrylic Paints guarantee vibrant, rich colour that stands the test of time. Whether you're pouring, seeking extensive coverage, or aiming for intricate details, these paints are the ultimate choice for artists at all skill levels.

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