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Kent Illustration Brush Pen Sets

Kent Illustration Brush Pen Sets

Kent Graphic Illustration Brush Pens are perfect for artists, illustrators, hand lettering artists and hobbyists. The nylon nib is a durable and flexible, making them a versatile tool!

With their fine point, these illustration brush pens are ideal for technical rendering, general purpose writing, drawing, illustrations, graphic design, hand lettering, and more! They can be used with rulers or stencils, as the ink is quick-drying to minimise the risk of sweep-through when using with templates. 

These brush markers from Kent have a water-based pigment ink that dries instantly with no blur and is also waterproof. The pens can be used on tracing paper, and have minimal bleed when highlighted, making them a perfect option for office use and home studios, or for using on the go.

This set of 12 brush pens contains assorted colours and is a great place to start building your brush marker collection. They're acid-free and archival quality, so you can be sure your art and writing will last over time.