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Kent Dual Sharpener Battery-Powered
  • Kent Dual Sharpener Battery-Powered

    This Electric Battery Sharpener Dual Hole is the perfect addition to any artist tool kit or classroom table caddy. With two holes, you’ll be able to sharpen a range of pencils sized between 6-12mm to the perfect point for all your fine line drawing needs. The regular hole fits 6-8mm pencils and the larger hole fits 9-12mm pencils. Use the safety switch on the top of the Electric Battery Sharpener Dual Hole to uncover the larger hole when needed. A warning symbol indicating it is not safe to put fingers inside covers this hole when it is not in use.

    Suitable for the student, hobbyist, crafter and artist, this sharpener has non-slip, non-skid feet for added stability and safety. The high-quality blade ensures precise sharpening you can count on. Put one of these sharpeners at each table group and you’ll see the end to long lines of students waiting to use a big electric sharpener or waiting to sharpen their pencils over the bin! Cut down on congestion at clean up time and send one student from each table to empty the sharpener at the end of the lesson as part of the tidy up routine. Hold the sharpener over a bin and unclip the clear front panel to empty pencil shavings.

    The sharpener is 76 x 74 x 78mm in size making it compact and portable. Also, this electric sharpener packs a punch and only requires Four AA batteries (not included) to operate. Perfect to pack for “plein air” (outdoor) drawing opportunities or excursions you’ll have effortlessly sharpened pencils in a range of situations both in an out of the classroom or studio.