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Pearl Handle Brush Set - Short Handle Synthetic

Pearl Handle Brush Set - Short Handle Synthetic

The Jasart Pearl White Brush Wallets Sets are good quality to ensure all-round performance and offering excellent value for money. They are long lasting, provide a uniform application of paint and precise control. Each set contains an assortment of key brushes made with quality bristles, pearlized white handles, all presented in a durable black nylon zip up wallet. Suitable for a wide range of wet media applications from watercolour, gouache, tempera, acrylic paints, ink’s and oil paint (hog bristle brushes only) the Jasart Pearl White Brush Wallets Sets appeal to all. Choose the long handle sets when you want to stand a distance from your artwork such as painting a canvas on an easel. Short handle brush sets are ideal for when you are working up close or on a smaller scale.


Always clean your brushes after use to ensure your brushes remain in excellent condition by wiping off any excess paint on a rag. Clean the brush in water to remove any residual paint using your fingers. Shake off excess water and pat dry. For some water-based paints you can use brush cleaners to assist with removing all traces of leftover paint or ink these are specially formulated to not only clean but condition the brush hairs. (Avoid leaving paint brushes hairs down in water for longer than a few minutes to avoid hairs bending and fraying). Brushes used for oil painting need to be cleaned with a solvent based cleaner or safflower oil rather than water.


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