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TwinTone Sets
  • TwinTone Sets

    Tombow TwinTone Marker Sets are perfect for writing, colour-coding and decorating planners, journals and notebooks.

    Each marker contains dual tips - broad bullet tip and extra-fine tip have long lasting fibre tips that maintain shape after repeated use. Quicker drying time than gel pens and uses a water-based ink doesn’t bleed through most papers.

    Bullet tip 0.8mm / Extra-fine tip 0.3mm


    Pastels Set Contains: 86 Mint Green, 74 Aqua, 73 Sky Blue, 83 Sax Blue, 21 Pale Purple, 81 Raspberry, 60 Princess Pink, 61 Peach Pink, 78 Coral Pink, 48 Honey Orange, 04 Chrome Yellow, 49 Grey


    Brights Set Contains: 50 Lime Green, 85 Emerald Green, 15 Blue, 42 Nave, 82 Grape, 22 Pink, 79 Candy Pink, 77 Cherry Pink, 76 Carrot Orange, 75 Strawberry Red, 41 Chocolate, 33 Black